Sunday, November 4, 2012

Backlash From Sandy is Crushing Obama - Obama's Katrina Has to Hurt his Slight Momentum that He had,...

President Obama was doing very badly recently,..

Romney was Leading all the polls ,... and by far too ,..

Quite Frankly, this race wasn't even close,..

It was all Over baby,..

But then Sandy came,..

She blew into New Jersey and New York a few Nights ago,..

And instantly, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Found himself not only back in the game ,... But with plenty of sudden fresh Over-Night momentum ,..that - believe me - Nothing else was giving him Lately,...

Romney held all the Cards,..

Everything Obama tried would fail,..

And he tried EVERYTHING !!!

OBAMA tried to play up his Getting Osama ,..

Voters just yawned,..

Obama threw rallies galore everywhere from Ohio to Colorado to Nevada,...

His throngs Liked it but independents just not so coyly nodded towards Mitt,..,

Media outlets tried to cook Polls,... CNN, Quinnipac , etc,.. NBC ,..

And stupid Dope-Smoking America just Laughed,..

No Way they were Voting for Barack again,..

But here came Sandy,..

And a Perfect Photo-Op for the ever hustling Commander in Chief,...

Off he went to Jersey's devastated shore,..

And the camera's followed,..

Inevitably, Obama grabbed a big bounce as the cameras clicked and the images of Obama hugging little old ladies flashed around the planet - oh,... and the Swing states too,..

Romney Poll Leads Vanished Everywhere,..

But now comes the backlash !!!

Instead of staying in Jersey and New York and giving the starving helpless folks things like free or cheap gasoline and food and such,..

Once again - and much too much like Benghazi - Barry flew off to Vegas to do a little campaigning,.. and elsewhere too,..

....he could have stayed in Jersey and helped the people on the ground,.. 'showing how much he cares,.. along with Governor Christie,..

rather than just tour the damage for half a day, take a few snaps, and leave,....

He could have challenged Mitt Romney to "Come and join him" ,...which Mitt know doubt would have had to have done,..

Instead, ..BOTH MEN are campaigning still,..

A Lot of voters see it as tasteless, careless, ,...more than heartless ,..

But the guy who will take the worse of the brunt of it will inevitably be Obama,..

because Romney is not currently the Prez !! Get it ?? !!

Romney is basically just some Unemployed guy right now who has a lotta saved up dinero from the past and he is using it to unseat Barry O,..

But Barry O is now taking the heat ,...

Not Mitt,..

And Obama is getting the heat now because to a lot of People : He has bungled Sandy ,...

And in too many ways ,...even far worse than when Bush seemed to muddle Katrina that the media played up as so bad,..

( In truth , Bush and his crew tried to help the People in Katrina but weird things were happening like a crappy Jerk named Blanco from New Orleans and also scumbags on the ground shooting at the relief helicopters and raping people ,... in the streets,.. - Ya can't really blame Bush for Katrina ,..but boy the media sure did ,..and it really paid off when the Gop got slaughtered in 2006 at the Polls,.,. )

But Let's get back to Sandy 2012 ,...

many people are turning on Obama now Saturday ,..and quick too,..

They've already forgotten the photo-op from the other day and now they are just concentrating on the epic lengthy gasoline lines , the homelessness, and foodlessness , the freezing cold, and boiling tempers in the streets of Jersey right now,...

The People are now Losing patients with Obama ,... and it's coming at a bad time,..

Because he was on a mild roll,...

Some of this is unfair and not really Obama's fault,..

But some of it is,..

This relief is taking way too many days,..

These communities are about to boil over and explode in an anger not seen since Los Angeles 1992,..

Maybe Obama shouldn't have ever left and went to Vegas,..

....maybe a United Obama and Romney would have Made America proud ,..and thus who cares who would have won,..

Obama would have come out of THAT Looking like the winner and very quite Re-Presidential indeed ,..

he doesn't right now,..

To alotta' folks ,..

as of today Saturday Nov 3, 2012 ,...He looks like an epic FAILURE !!



IT MAY HAVE BEEN SO PHONY ,...but to mom and pop America, would have Looked so real,..

And he would have won this election too,..

Now,...I'm not so sure that he will,.. In fact, he probably WON'T !!

AS OF SUNDAY and monday, I see the momentum swinging back to Mitt,..

And believe me, Mitt the Rat knows just exactly how to exploit !!!


Note; Can you just imagine Obama Right now staying in Jersey all week AND SCRAPPING HIS STUPID CAMPAIGN ,.., walking the streets, directing tractors, and bringing in food - America would have fallen in LOVE WITH THE GUY ,.... 'DUDE WOULD BE KING RIGHT NOW,...



This IS something that a Bright Guy like Rudy Guiliani Would see ,... It would show and be Leadership,...

Obama just apparently Doesn't have IT !!!

Final Note : I dedicate this Latest piece to My Brother Paul B. Hagins who passed away One Year ago today - Nov 3, 2011 ,....
Paul Loved my Blogs and My Music too,..
it meant a lot to me ,...
He was a Big supporter of My Songs Like 'Brandy' and "White Black Thang",...
and I'm sure he is somewhere reading my stuff so I won't say R.i.p. because I KNOW he is still around here floating in space when away from Heaven - which is where he resides,..  ,..and I don't need to go see a Psychic to talk to him ,...
I have so many Dreams about Paul where he tells me he is right here,'s ridiculous !!

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